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Roswell Guitar Repair of Atlanta

Luttrell Guitar luthiers offer quality repair, set up & customizing services for guitars & other fretted instruments including banjos & mandolins.

Located in Atlanta, Luttrell Guitar Repair caters to professional & novice guitar players utilizing original methods and practices to ensure the best quality product available. They are a fully licensed & certified Martin Guitar warranty center where they also perform professional appraisals, repair new & vintage instruments & even fabricate their own custom guitars.

Re-strings & Tuning * Setups * Neck Resets * Fret Work * Crack Repairs * Inlay Replacement * Bridge re-glues & Lifting * Pickup Installations * Restorations  *Woodworking * Switch Replacement * POT Replacement * Strap Button Install * Vintage Appraisals

Roswell Guitar Repair LuttrellOwner, repair master, luthier & musician, Ralph Luttrell has been building extremely high quality custom resonator guitars for numerous years. He is also producing the new Gamble guitar series, for those guitar enthusiasts possessing an appreciation for quality of sound and design.

Handcrafting guitars is a more labor intensive method of production than mass producing guitars. However, most hand- made guitars are made from extremely high quality wood, which provides a pristine sound, & at the same time a unique instrument for the player. Luttrell Guitars sells & repairs custom & high quality Koa square neck resonator guitars, Gambler series, utilizing hand picked fine woods such as maple, rosewood, and spruce.

Ralph Luttrell is an extremely nice & welcoming man who Atlanta Guitar repair and custom guitarmakes very fine quality guitars. He is able to adjust and repair any guitar from Martins to Taylors. Ralph not only enjoys his work, but also considers working on guitars a passion. Anyone who is a guitar aficionado, interested in the custom manufacturing process, or needs repair should come  visit Luttrell Guitars.

Luttrell Guitars also works on banjos, mandolins and related string instruments.